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lunes, 14 de julio de 2014

Topic 1: The Puma

Activity 3:

The Puma is also “The American Lion” because it is in all of the American Continent. 
In Argentina, it is in the North and West provinces like: Jujuy, Formosa, Chaco, Misiones and Mendoza. 
The Puma lives in rainforests(1), forests(2), deserts, plains(3) and mountains. 
It sleeps in caves or on trees in the day and it hunts(4) in the night. 
It eats meat. It hunts big and small animals. It hunts domestic animals like hens, rabbits and sheep, but also wild(5) animals like deer, mice and snakes. 
It can climb and jump. It can also swim in the rivers, but it can’t roar(6).
Pumas are about two metres long and 70 cm tall. They weigh about 80 kilos. 
The Puma is light brown. It has got yellow eyes, long white whiskers(7) and fury ears. It has got four big paws(8) and a long tail(9).
The cubs are very small, about 250 grams, and they have got black spots. The spots disappear when they are three months old.
The Puma is in danger of extinction in some areas. It is important to protect it!

(1) rainforest: selva tropical
(2) forest: bosque
(3) plain: planicie
(4) hunt: cazar
(5) wild: salvaje
(6) roar: rugir
(7) whiskers: bigotes
(8) paws: patas
(9) tail: cola

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